No matter how many times I google boy advice I always get no answers that will suit me.  They always say the same thing. Be yourself, but if your a girl you know how hard that came be. It is nearly impossible. You don’t want to seem fake but you wanna be yourself but you find so many flaws in yourself and you want those flaws left unnoticed. Therefore I am going to write this article about how to get a guy to notice you.

1. Try the friendship first so you can get to know him.

2. Don’t act slutty to get a guy it’s not cute and you will get labeled.

3. Don’t do the playing hard to get it’s just frustrating.

4. Don’t Get Your Friend to ask him out for you! That’s a big no-no.

5. Don’t be all in his face, give him his space.

6. Don’t stay up all night plotting how to get him where you want him

7. Stay away from non-single guys, this stops unnecessary drama.

8.  Flirt in your own way. There is no offical way to flirt. If you flirt by staring into his eyes then DO THAT.

9. If you have to change yourself for him then he’s not worth it.

10. I’m about to do what every other article does and say this. BE YOURSELF!

I Hope I helped.